Started by a Japanese person, there is a brand that is contributing greatly to the sustained development of the hand-woven industry for Indian fabric. How do they actually manufacture? Visiting villages where handicraft lives, they produce business that values the traditions of the land/systems to sustain them.

For each dynamically changing society, there is art that reflects its transformation. What kind of representations are being produced by Indian artists? I’d like to go around some interesting galleries starting from the capital city of Delhi.

For this cover story, I will try to focus on contemporary art in India.
The galleries in the art capital of Delhi were serving their role as the instigators for Indian contemporary artists to jump into the international stage. …

Tibetan society is a Buddhist society centred around its monasteries. There are four major sects (the Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug schools), and their spiritual leader the Dalai Lama occupies the position of the highest leader, transcending the sects.

Volunteer work

When I ask, “What kind of work do you usually do?” he says, “Something like freelancing.” In addition to his regular work, he undertakes volunteer work — arranging means of transportation, as well as arranging medical care for people in need.

Medical care in India hasn’t reached remote…

I would like to introduce the records I bought during this record-digging trip, as well as some titles recommended by the stores.

To be honest, I didn’t really know how interesting Bollywood music was before I visited the stores, and I went to them thinking that I’d be happy if I could just get my hands on a few records of Indian classical music, with a tonal quality that is distinctive of…

You can’t see many record shops in India, but there are many second-hand record shops in the capital city of Delhi.

In recent years, the international analog record boom that started in Japan and Europe has reached here. I don’t know if it’s that particular influence, or the inflation in the Indian economy, which is making the price range in Delhi’s second-hand record shops rise.

Let’s enjoy this record shop tour where we look for rare and valuable records centred around old Bollywood music or Indian classical music.

The Odisha Biennale 2017. A general art festival held once every two years in Bhubaneshwar. The lineup of artists who will be performing has been updated by the performing arts division. A nine-day program from 28th October to 5th November. What scenes will unfold?

What is remarkable is the contrast between the traditional and the contemporary.
What form will Japanese dance, a tradition of a foreign country, assume for an Indian audience? Mr. Rankoh Fujima, a Japanese dance artist active in Japan as well as abroad, will be presenting the performance.

NEUTRAL BASE therapist Mr. Yohei Yamashita, Interview 1

Mr. Yamashita, a therapist who has examined all kinds of human bodies, will explain “the visible body and the invisible body”.

Mr. Yamashita has been working as a therapist in the Kanto region (Eastern Japan) for almost 20 years, having treated over 70,000 clients, and is now practising in Bengaluru, India.

Mr. Yamashita’s homepage can be found (here).

Treatment by means of acupuncture and moxibustion, manual therapy and therapeutic exercise aims…

Things that come together naturally. It takes time, but it is interesting. Congregating in Odisha from all over the world, a place of free and creative expression.

We interviewed Mrs. Masako Ono and Mr. Sumaran, the core staff of Mudra foundation, about how the past Odisha Biennales went, and about the one scheduled this year (2017).

Odisha Biennale
Official page
A comprehensive art festival held once every two years in Bhubaneshwar focussing on performing arts such as…

Theyyam is a traditional form of worship passed down in the northern part of the state of Kerala. The name refers to the word for god in the local language, Malayalam. The ritual is thought to avert calamity and bring prosperity to the region, and is held every year between November and May in several temples.

The first time I witnessed Theyyam, or the living god, was in November 2014. The second time was when I travelled to Kannur again in March 2017.

Kerala, South India. Its coastline stretches over 600km from North to South facing the Arabian Sea to the West, and the mountain range…

Yoko Kobayashi

Started Sarasvat from 2017. Lifework is documentary photography. The purpose of taking photo is to know its cultural roots and origins, and the ideas of others.

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